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Youth [L]Earn-a-Bike starts today

We are so excited about working with the students at Alger Middle School. Today is our first class of this school year and we’re very much looking forward to meeting the students. We have already spent some time and passed out fliers. There has already been a great response. A few hours of hard work and the bike will be theirs.

[L]Earn-a-Bike Starts Next Week

Learn-a-bike logo[L]Earn-a-Bike is a free class where you learn about bikes and bike repair. You earn a free bike as you learn.

  • Attend five three-hour classes.
  • Pick out a bike and work on it during class.
  • After five classes and four volunteer hours, receive your free bike with a free helmet, light, and lock.
  • Applicants are selected based on interest, commitment, punctuality, contribution and need.
  • [L]Earn-a-Bike is for anyone ages 18 and above.
  • [L]Earn-a-Bike is free but donations are gratefully accepted.

[L]Earn-a-Bike starts with orientation on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 at 6 PM at Boston Square Community Bikes. Call 248.2848 to register.