We provide our Open Shop services for free, but we depend on donations to sustain the program and financial contributions are always appreciated. We also accept donations of bicycles, tools, and bike parts and accessories in any condition.

Refurbishing and selling donated bikes is one of our biggest sources of funding. Declutter your garage or basement and help provide affordable and sustainable transportation for those that need it! You will get a receipt for your donation from Oakdale Neighbors, a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 status, for your tax purposes. If the bike is suitable to be refurbished, the bike will be fixed up with the help of volunteers who are learning all about bicycle maintenance and repair and sold at market value. The proceeds from the sale of the bike will go towards keeping our educational open shop program free for anyone to use. We also have a variety of ways for those with limited financial resources to access your donated bike, including our work-trade program and deep discounts on unrefurbished bikes which we can assist patrons with fixing up for free.