Work-Trade Program

1. Each bike at the Oakdale Neighbors Boston Square Community Bikes is priced according to quality and market-value.
2. Generally, an individual should pay at least $20 cash toward the bike. The balance of the bike can be paid for with a “work trade”.
3. An individual can work in the bike shop to earn “bike credit” thus “work-trade”. Your work is valued at $8 / hr up to a maximum value of $40 per year.

Here’s an example:
Jasmine selects a bike priced at $75

She works in the shop for 3 hours (a $24 value)
$24 in bike credit is applied toward the bike leaving a balance of $51.

If you are unable to pay any cash toward the bicycle, $30-40 bikes are available for 5 hours of work-trade.

If work-trade is viable for you please contact Boston Square at (616) 248-2848. Or stop and see us during open shop hours.