Get Involved @ Boston Square

Boston Square Community Bikes is located in the Oakdale/Boston Square neighborhood of Grand Rapids. We are promoting sustainable & affordable transportation by helping neighbors and others learn about bikes and bike repair, providing FREE space, tools, and advice for anyone to work on their own bikes, and refurbishing donated bicycles for sale.

How Can You Get Involved?

  1. DIY repairs on your own bike. We’re glad to show you how to maintain or repair your bike. There’s nothing YOU can’t do.
  2. Purchase a bike or bike parts from the shop.
  3. Volunteer as a bike mechanic or in other ways.
  4. Donate money or bikes & support our program.
  5. Hangout and talk about bikes.

Ask us about Work-Trade, [L]Earn-a-Bike and
upcoming bike events.

[L]earn-a-bike at the shop. Thanks Jo
[L]earn-a-bike at the shop. Thanks Jo