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Bicycle education and mechanic. Has been working on bikes for many years as his often need some tweaking. He stays up thinking about why his bikes creak, click, pop etc. Now he's glad to help you fix yours.

Tom Bulten – Activist of the Year

Drum roll please./……//./././. I am pleased to announce this year’s Award for Activist of the Year from the Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition is none other then our very own TOM BULTEN!!!!!!

We are SO proud of all the hard work, the hours he has put in with nothing asked in return. He is an amazing person and I am so proud to be working side by side with him.

Tom you absolutely deserved it. Congratulations from everyone at Boston Square.


It’s the 1st Thursday again…

TBtB - flyer1

Hello all, It’s the 1st Thursday of November. It’s time to TAKE BACK the Bike! (TBtB) Our Women and Trans* night has been so positively received. Thank you all for your support!  If you want to join but can’t make it out tonight, our next one will be held on Thursday, December 4th from 6-9pm.  If you’d like to help support this event you may do so by printing and distributing the hi-res flyers above and below.  Thanks again!  TBtb - flyer2

Take Back The Bike… Past Tense

To men, the bicycle in the beginning was merely a new toy, another machine added to the long list of devices they knew in their work and play. To women, it was a steed upon which they rode into a new world.” ~ Munsey’s Magazine, 1896

Thought I’d share how IMPORTANT i/WE feel ” women / trans / bikes ” is for us at Boston Square. Come out. Join. It’s important. YOU MATTER!

The Manifesto

Youth [L]Earn-a-Bike starts today

We are so excited about working with the students at Alger Middle School. Today is our first class of this school year and we’re very much looking forward to meeting the students. We have already spent some time and passed out fliers. There has already been a great response. A few hours of hard work and the bike will be theirs.